DylanScott f. LonzellMarcell – I Can Listen (Jodeci)

The video “I Can Listen” featuring Dylan Scott and Lonzel Marcell from the collective “The Other Circle” was shot in Hollywood, California. The production was very simple. The video was made with a small camera controlled by my (the videographer) hands, the personalties of the performers, and the setting in which the video was shot. I believe a good video can be made so long as the cinematographer uses what is already given to them wisely. You don’t necessarily need extravagant equipment. With my style of filmography, I hope to inspire others to go out and make the best of what they can at the moment with what they have. The opportunity to grow and gain better equipment will always be there but you cannot wait to be the best and have the best. Its starts now and eventually you will see growth. Its good to be able to see how far you’ve come (even when you have not yet reached your goal) and say that you let nothing get in your way.


Category: Hip Hop|Rap|R&B
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